November 13-14 Streaming to the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Attend Our 8th Annual

2-Day Virtual Global Yoga Expo Conference


The 8th Annual Yoga Expo is AGAIN because you all asked for it... 

You loved the classes...

The connections you made through real time networking...

The powerful transformations that happened…

And the motivational BOOST to feel connected and aligned in the mind, body and spirit!

Life changing experiences and connections.

How We Transform Begins with ONE Class...

  • How to CONNECT to ourselves no matter what the circumstances
  • How to find OUR practice that fits our needs from EXPERIENCED teachers from around the world
  • How to BUILD deeper relationships to other Yogis as CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY anytime, anywhere.

That's why we created The GLOBAL Yoga Conference LIVE!

The Classes You Want, The Teachers You Love... 

The Community That Supports You Even If You Are New To Yoga...

What you get with your ticket:

  • Ability to EXPERIENCE IT LIVE (valued at $700+)
  • ​CEU's for Yoga Teachers
  • ​Workshops + Masterclasses with Senior Teachers (Valued at $500)
  • ​Exclusive Online Community for 1 Year to Connect with Teachers + Other Ticket Holders (Priceless)
  • Ability to EXPERIENCE IT LIVE (valued at $700+) - no pre-recorded classes! All streaming LIVE
  • ​CEU's for Yoga Teachers
  • ​Workshops + Masterclasses with Experienced Teachers (Valued at $500)
  • Free Gifts from Sponsors and Teachers (Valued at $500)

Total Value: $1650


What Exactly IS

The Yoga Expo Global Conference LIVE?

It’s a 2-day immersive conference that we will be streaming from all around the world...


And we’re also going to stream presentations from some of the TOP RATED teachers from the past 7 Yoga Expo's!

We hand-selected the presentations that had the BIGGEST impact to our 10,000+ Attendees at our shows since 2016. These teachers and classes are coming to you LIVE PLUS some amazing Masterclasses for you to dive deep into the practice!

 The Best Way To Learn

Yoga for Beginners

Detailed and Easy-to-follow 


Curated by Yogis for



Unlimited Yoga & Meditation Program


About Healthy Lifestyle


To Live Music & Kirtan Bands


In Our One-of-a-kind Yoga Marketplace


How an Ayurvedic Diet Can Benefit Your Yoga Practice

Yoga To Awaken Your Yoni Power and Orgasmic Abundance

Chakras and Money

Face Yoga - Look Younger!

Core, Glutes,

& Back Strengthening for Better Posture

The AE Warrior Experience MASTER CLASS

Meditation Tapas (Bite-Size Meditations for People Who Feel They Can't Meditate)


Brown Goddess Magic


Yoga Fit


Rainbow Bridge Sound Journey - Kirtan + Chanting

Psoas Release - Going Deeper

The Power of the Yogic Mind

Phoenix Rising Yoga for Cancer Recovery & Back Care

Movement Fusion

Self-care space: Unwind with Restorative Yoga and Nidra

Yoga for Calming Anxiety

Functional Yoga: Teaching Function Over Aesthetics

Stress relief and Deep Sleep with Essential Oils

Himalayan Kriya Yoga

Delicious Delight - Gentle Yoga & Meditation

Let's Get Out of our Heads Balance-Focused Yoga

Yoga for balancing body and mind

Chakra Magic

Yin Yoga + Tarot

Jackson Energy Reset Yoga

Amp Up - Arm Balance & Inversion Workshop

Business of Yoga: Conscious Marketing

Your Meditation Practice

Cultivating Abundance

3 Secrets to Your Healing Power

Movement, Stability & Backbends

Release & Restore

The AE Warrior Experience - Power Class

Yoga Para la Ansiedad y la Depresión (spanglish)

The Great Chakra Journey


Goddess Tea Chat - A mindful sharing space for Womxn of Color

Inseparable Sisters: Yoga & Ayurveda


Social Media - Authentic Visibility


Tantra Yoga - Activate your Orgasmic Potential

The Power of Bladder Strength with Zen Ki Yoga®


Music as Medicine: Throat Chakra Activation Experience

Embodied Yoga - Slow Mindful Movements

AcroYoga: Flight School 101

Manifest Your Desired Reality

Yin Flow - Africa Yoga Project

Ago! Let's Dance - African Dance Class

Kundalini Yoga for Intuition, Awareness, and Deep Inner Knowing

Heart Consciousness Class + Healing

Dream Yoga Immersion

Vinyasa into the Flow State

Yoga Nidra to Reduce Overwhelm & Find Freedom & Ease

Yoga for Athletes

Classes: Tons of styles to choose all day like tantra, kundalini, kirtan, meditation, vinyasa, chakra flow, ayurveda and more!

Lectures: Check out some very special lecturers on mindset, reiki and meditation, business and marketing and more!

Marketplace: Your favorite brands like HoopYogini, Brown Goddess Collective, Alignment Essentials, Zen Ki Yoga BizYogi and more, all in one place in our virtual marketplace! Connect with our sponsors and learn about their amazing products and support a holistic economy. You'll receive amazing goodies from them as well!

Charity: Every ticket sold and every sponsor who works with us, 10% goes to feed children in need with Operation Underground Railroad.

Many of you are yoga lovers, this is your chance to enjoy a full day and get access to powerful teachers and change your life. 

It's your chance to step into a place where sound baths fill your soul, meditations calm you and breath moves you.

The Yoga Expo is a day where you connect with your tribe, get to practice with some of the best teachers nationwide, explore different styles and have an awesome with your friends and community!
Many of you are yoga lovers, this is your chance to enjoy a full day and get access to powerful teachers and change your life. 

It's your chance to step into a place where sound baths fill your soul, mandalas and breath fuel you and meditations calm you.

Get Your Tickets to SEE The Epic Schedule!

Ticket Holders are already connecting on the

 Plan Your Day 

  • Location: Virtual + LIVE! Available on any device. iPad, Cell phone, computer, laptop. If you can use it to access a website, you can view all the classes through our exclusive portal.
  • Date & Time: November 13-14, 2021 9:30am-6pm EST

I've never done yoga before, is that OK?: Yes! There are classes & workshops for all levels at The Yoga Expo. Additionally, there are plenty of activities to choose from for the entire family! You'll see classes based from beginner to advanced clearly marked.

You Are One Yoga Class Away From Community

You Are One Weekend Away

From cOMmunity!

Whether you're new to yoga, a seasoned practitioner, there's a class for you.

You will get profound practices you won't get anywhere else... and not only that our high tech platform allows you to feel like you're LIVE at the show. 

You can chat with other yogis from around the globe, connect with the teachers and support small companies in our marketplace!

Arianne Om

Founder of the Global Yoga Expo + Conference and Holistic Business Coach

With Every Ticket Purchased

Get Goodies from Sponsors like...

With Every Ticket Purchased

Get Goodies from Sponsors like...


With Your Ticket You Will...

  • Connect with yogis from around the nation & world!
  • Experience an awesome marketplace with your favorite companies who are aligned with your yogi values!
  • Leverage amazing teachers to guide you and inspire you.
  • Listen to speakers who move your soul and mind.
  • Business lectures for yoga teachers.
  • Become happy and healthy!
What Other Ticket Holders Have Said
"...workshops with the best!"
I was able to take workshops with some of the best teachers in Florida and learn so much! There is no other conference like The Yoga Expo Ft. Lauderdale in South Florida. I have set aside my entire day for this! I know 2018 is going to rock and roll! I'm really looking forward to the lectures also from some awesome coaches. Self-development to the max!


Hollywood, FL
"...was by far the best yoga 

event that I have participated in"

The Yoga Expo in Florida, was by far the best yoga event that I have participated in. As a vendor and a teacher, I had tremendous success. My booth was constantly busy and my class was packed. The staff was super helpful and accommodating!

Juliano, Funky Yoga

Miami, FL 
 " exceeded my expectations

in every way!"

This year was my first time attending The Yoga Expo in Ft. Lauderdale. In addition to the amazing vendors, I took back to back classes all day. I loved that at any given hour, there were several classes in motion, each class being so different & enriching.


Tampa, FL


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