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Meet Our 2021 Teachers + Speakers

This list will continue to grow as we get closer to our Conference start date, so check back often for updates, and be sure to register!

Join us for this incredible event! 

• Live training workshops, sprints, and Q&As with sponsors & speakers

• Tracks for beginners, intermediate, advanced and yoga teachers

• Special offers & discounts on tools & services from speakers & sponsors

• Exclusive community 

Arianne Traverso-  Conference Host + Founder

Arianne Om (Ari) is a yogini, entrepreneur and supporter of dreams leading a movement of yogis to embrace both spiritual wellness and financial wellness. She understands that the more value you put out into the world, the more value you receive back.

It is through this sacred principle that she teaches yoga and teachers how to create sustainable businesses that positively impact the world. She is known as a quick thinking, solution based yogini, a boon to her clients. 

Her company, BizYogi, is made up of a tribe of difference-making yoga teachers and healers looking to experience the type of lifestyle that allows them financial abundance and freedom to move around the world.

BizYogi offers a heart centered approach to living with commitment, virtue and spirit. Her business serves as an online educational platform for creative gypsy souls like her; helping them find their voice and grow their business so they can create a larger impact on the world.


Janie Larmour

ZenKi Yoga

Jani Roberts

Alignment Essentials

Arianne "Om"


Irina Vlada


Shanté Haymore-Kearney

Brown Goddess Collective

Jocelyn Gordon


Shivani Gupta

Fusionary Formulas

Jess Pfeffer

Real Connections

Gaya Stepanian

The Magnet Lady


Maria Laura Reiner

Shelly Saunier

Diana Dalton

Mary Kathryn Jackson

Sucha Kumar

Tiffany Nicole Vinas

Raluca Popescu

Ivonne Cubillos

Christine Fuchs

Nzingah Oniwosan

Mickey Bakum

Candela Derqui

Alina Flor + Laura Villalba

Adina Bautista

Amanda Paz

Sandy Fernandez

Elizabeth Scheer

Ewa Josefsson

Leah Kinsella

Jacqueline "Jax" Burbage

Julie Auma

Fern L. Conn

Marylene Henry

Flavia Krsna & Gershone

Luana Hervier

Michelle Alva

Angelica Goavert

Jody Domerstad

Lauren Golen

Lynsie McKeown

Javier Wilensky

Jessica Fein

Suki Eleuterio

Danielle Brunson

Terri Cooper

Jessica Fein


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